Airport Security

Airport security is one of the biggest topics in the country today. Ever since 9/11 security measures in our nations airports have been on the forefront of everyone’s minds. When airport x-ray machines between all the rage in the 70s and 80s we figured we had taken the dominant steps towards ending terror attacks in the sky. But unfortunately a lot of terrorists are very ingenious and will come up with clever ways to get around our security measures.

body scanner

Obviously the most common way this is utilized is through fake IDs and disguises. With many of the older camera systems unable to get a crisp and clear picture of people as they come and go, I suspect with a disguise it would make such an effort almost completely unidentifiable . And many times even if you could get a clear picture, you wouldn’t be able to pinpoint that specific individual. And as weaponry has also advanced, the ability to get different types of weapons onboard aircraft has become easier Let’s face it, you can fit a lot of plastique into a toothpaste tube. Not to mention hair products, foot creams, and lotions. To airport security they would look like regular bathroom needs, but to a trained operative it would be weapons of mass distraction.

So what positive changes have been made? ID scanners for one thing have been able to rule out all of the clever fake drivers licenses. There is a barcode on the back and only a real document issued by the state government agency would pass inspection. Passports are also required for all international flights which create a second layer of protection against fraudulent entry. But I think the most important component is the facial recognition software that gets better and better every year. So even with a clever disguise, it is able to pinpoint enough facial characteristics to identify anyone with me to do us harm.